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Always lean. Always smart. Valuable applications

Our approach is pragmatic. It is in no one's interest to develop amazing software that ultimately nobody wants to use. From an early stage we consult with end users and other stakeholders. Based on their feedback, we build what is desirable and necessary.

In this way we realize mobile, web and TV applications that matter. The Scrum framework and the Lean Startup method enable us to realize agile solutions that can quickly add value.



Document management

Relefant is a Content Management System (CMS), intended for managing documents that focus primarily on concepts or ideas and where there is a need to prove at some point that an idea or concept has been established at a certain moment.

More information about Relefant

" We always find the balance between methodology and pragmatism, which is how we get things done, again and again.
In the end, we are still Rotterdamers."

We work for:

ANAC ANWB AVG Beemway Belgacom Bluepond Dockwise EON Enai Erasmus University Fansz Funda Hot Item Ilumy KPN Map trace Masterminds LLC Motricity Multi-M/IT N200 Nationale Nederlanden Nuon Point logic Rijkswaterstaat Rotterdam School of Management Sony Toogether University of Amsterdam Vitens Ximedes Ziggo

Build, Measure & Learn

Contrary to what the name suggests, the Lean startup method is not only intended for startups but also for established companies with a need for innovation and the desire to be able to quickly respond to changes.

Because why would you spend half a year or longer on developing amazing software that ultimately nobody wants to use?

Validated learning through the Build-Measure-Learn loop can prevent this.

This starts with the launch of a Minimum Viable product (MVP), that is: A first version of the app or software service based on certain assumptions.


After measuring how the app is used, one can learn whether a certain assumption is true or not.

By continuously repeating this process, the relevance and value of the realized applications can be significantly increased. The waste of time and labour can be greatly reduced. In the end, both your organization and your end users profit from this.

We realize smart solutions for every branch (B2B, B2C & B2E), including:

Automotive Service industry Econometrics Energy Entertainment FinTech Logistics Marketing Education Social Media Estate Telecom